Sunday, May 27, 2012


Is this why Mark Ruffalo chose to be a big green creature in The Avengers?
I've always thought he was easy on the eyes, in a non-'I'm sexy and I know it' way, but finding out that he is also an advocate for green stuff- YAY!
So - this might be old news, but with the success of his latest film, I think it's alright to dredge it up.
Hulk, Save. (Don't judge me. I feel he merits what follows.) \m/

4th June
Since this post was a little vague, check out this link

to learn a little about fracking (not the expletive).

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Living Planet Report

This is not FRESH news, but it is still worth noting: the UAE has the third worst carbon footprint per person in the world*!
That's terrible- I always thought it was bad, but that bad?
To move from a populous nation to one that is not nearly so populous (though population density might be higher in parts) and find that one has gone literally from the frying pan into the fire- BIG LONG SIGH.
I know this is a desert, but there's got to be something green about the place! From today, it is my mission to celebrate the green. And to put it out there, in the hope that, in some attraction-of-the-Universe/the-Secret way, it creates more ecofriendly moments to savor and remember. And, of course, post about.

* according to the Living Planet Report. I read about it in The National.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Of fruit, cricket and coffee

There's so much going on back home!
The Konkan Fruit Fest is just over. If you missed it this year, make sure you catch it next year. Whether you are a farmer, an amateur gardener, or a foodie (by food I mean fruit), there is always a lot to learn, see, and buy at the KFF.
EVERYBODY (and their dog) is watching the IPL matches. Fun fact that a friend relayed as part of her commentary on our WhatsApp group: the Royal Challengers Bangalore have green initiatives, and wear green once a year. And they're about to be declared carbon neutral.

Over here...
I went to a Starbucks for the first time ever. Yes, big MNC. With complicated orders and coffee cup holders. But look!
A picture's worth a thousand words; however, just in case you can't read the words in the picture: 'Made from 100% recycled fibres using a bleach-free process.'
How cool is that! And the cup holder is made with 60% post-consumer fiber (which I first read about in an Archie comic).
So, while I am not about to spend my as-yet-unmade  millions at Starbucks, it's nice to know that the green lady on their stuff is really, truly GREEN (a little anyway)

New blog :D

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Looking for a reason - well, more of a sign, really- to start another blog, I was online yesterday doing some recon.
I don't think I got my green signal. I shall have to look harder. However, I did find something interesting. Serendipity?
Here's the story:
I love receiving and sending mail. Snail mail. Penny post (visions of Sheldon dance in my head) or, more appropriately, paise post. I've always wanted a pen pal. The mystery of mail from a distant land, the eager anticipation, the hope that your mail doesn't get lost on the way- to me, it's the stuff happiness can be made of.
Yesterday I stumbled upon a link that said, rather vaguely, Postcrossing. Curiosity piqued, engines on. Of course I checked it out! It's such a fun idea- you send postcards to people you don't know, in countries you might not even be able to locate on a map. You receive postcards from people who were given your address by the system.
An interesting idea but why does it feature here? My friend, they have a going green section! That's why!
Perhaps I'll get the chance to try this out someday. Toot toot!

Monday, May 7, 2012

dry day


New beginnings.
I moved to another country last week. It's not a new country to me- I used to live here nearly two decades ago. Needless to say the place is completely different from what it was back then. And I have to get used to it all over again.
I have to be a better, neater, more polished version of myself here. Unironed clothes and messy hair just won't cut it.
I wonder what toll this will take on the environment. Malls, marts, McD's- I see how much more waste is generated here than back home. I suppose that will just be another challenge I grapple with while I am here: making sure I continue to do what I can, and continue to encourage others to too.
How dry it is here!
Know what's awesome though? There are mayflowers here! Gulmohur trees flowering profusely in the heat of an early Middle Eastern summer

Wish me luck in the ME!

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