Monday, May 9, 2011

Amor Piki mangoes

I’m the kind that believes in simple pleasures. And what do you know- the simple pleasures, more often than not, are also the ones that are good for the environment. For instance, the other morning I put a container of water out and had the joy of seeing a modvonn (or magpie robin) come take a few sips.

Now this post obviously isn’t about birds – you can tell that from the title. What it is about is that King of Fruits- the mango. There is nothing like a mango that has ripened on the tree. Each kind has its own flavour, aroma, skin… And the names have a charm of their own- Mankurad, Malgese, Frias, Chimut, Afonso, Mussarad, Bisp’, Xavier and on and on.

But we still haven’t arrived at the topic of today’s post. Every ki
ng was once a prince; every ripe mango was once amo/amor piki.

What exactly is AMO PIKI? It is a mango that isn’t quite ripe yet. The skin can’t be peeled off so easily. The taste is similar to a ripe mango but with a tang that changes the overall effect. And the smell is sharp, not so sharp as a tor (unripe mango) but more sappy than a ripe one.

How are these eaten? The organic fruit that drops around and on my
home is enjoyed as a cold whole or slices. Alternatively, stew pieces in sugar syrup and eat with cream. Or if you’re looking for something a mite healthier, blend the stewed pieces with yoghurt and freeze in an ice cube tray with a little honey on top.

Can’t get your hands on an AMO PIKI because you don’t have a mango tree? Ask a friend who does to let you taste one succulent tangy fruit. If you have
space, plant a tree in your garden. A tree is never a waste. Sure, you’ll have to wait a few years before you get any fruit. But it is worth the wait.

Today’s green tip: Summer’s here! Leave a bowl of water out for the animals and birds in your garden ecosystem.

Monday, May 2, 2011

sandcastles in the sand

It is the time of year when kids start clamoring to go to the beach. If you’re a parent, you might be put off by all the preparations that need to be made. If you aren’t one, you might be put off by all the money that you have to spend- water sports, a meal at a shack, petrol money = UGH!
In my estimable opinion, you’re looking at it all wrong. Why is it we want to DO something all the time? Light, man (seems this means CHILL).

The beach is a fantastic place to relax. Why do you think so many people come to Goa? Even before all the ‘activities’ were started, people were coming here.

Kids like the beach for reasons other than all the money they can spend (read waste) there. Most kids are thrilled by the splashing of waves, the glimmer of fish, the coarseness of sand between fingers and toes. So why shouldn’t we be?

This summer, visit that beach you’ve heard about but have never been to (I went to Keri- beautiful!)
Swim where it’s safe. Let the sea give you a free massage.
Walk along the length of the beach with friends and loved ones.
Look for shells.
Chase crabs in crazy circles. (It’s not cruel- they disappear and you’re the one left panting for breath).
Watch the birds, the winged ones.
Build a sandcastle. Or a sand hut, if you lack the skill and imagination for something grander.
Play cricket. Or ring.
Btw, in case you’d forgotten, sand is a fantastic exfoliator.

Don’t forget- take your garbage home with you, otherwise someone might burn it or leave it there.
By all means, patronize a local establishment. React if you are treated shabbily, but don’t get in a fist fight.
Lastly, do NOT swim drunk. Listen to the lifeguards – they are supposed to guard your life.
Have fun!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

a fairytale

29th Apr 2011
A prince marries his princess.

30th Apr 2011
Save the frogs!

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