Wednesday, February 22, 2012

being retrogressive?

The hardest thing about loving your planet is being accused of being against progress. Don’t I want other people to make money? To lift themselves to a comfortable middle-class life? Don’t I want the area I live in to be well-lit, and safe? Doesn’t everyone deserve to benefit from all the opportunities that tourism can bring?

I’m going on the record: I’m not against progress. I want people to make money. I want to know that I live in a safe neighborhood.

But I also want to hear birds chirping, to see fireflies glowing, to watch flowers blooming and fruits ripening. These pastoral joys are simple and not ‘progressive’. So sue me.

Is it going backwards when you don’t accept a plastic bag with every purchase you make? Or when you take the bus instead of a private vehicle because of (1) insufficient parking and (2) fuel that’s costly in more ways than one? (Progress would be accepting the ‘modern’ plastic bag, or using your own vehicle, correct?)

I am not one of those who think that you ought to follow all the traditions or none. I’ve always been fond of the Middle Way. Consciously choose what's right for you. Balance is difficult; it’s perfected over time. But it is precariously possible. If you want it.

There’s no point in being reactionary, and saying ‘Down with change!’ merely because it is change. There’s also no point in saying ‘Ooh! Shiny new stuff!’ and running after it especially if it will find its way into your system and kill you. We can’t go back to the Middle Ages because the world has changed a whole lot since then. But we can shape the future using what we have learned since that time.

A cleaner world can mean a vibrant economy. It definitely means more responsible citizens of the planet. It means a better you and me.

This is the season for repentance, yes, but action too. Here's to that!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


so what did I do on the Great Day of Love?
I visited a Waste Management Exhibition at the International Centre, Dona Paula. Roland and Lorna from GOACAN were there, and Clinton Vaz, and students and a teacher from Carmel HSS, and (they'd left by the time I got there) a group of Swedish students.
What was the contribution of each group/person (in my subjective opinion)?
Roland and Lorna put up banners and boards related to waste, including a number on mercury and mercury poisoning. And they continue with the Battery Collection Drive. For more info on that, ask me. Or maybe I'll post about it.
Clinton updated us on the current trash scene in the state. Pictures, videos, facts- enough to set your mind buzzing!
(on a tangent- the above-mentioned people know so much, I am in awe.)
The team from Carmel's had a simple composting arrangement on display, a system of three plastic buckets that you add waste and a solution of spices and EM to (sounds like a recipe for something!)
The Swedish students, whom I missed, are (if I understood correctly) studying our waste management system. They also made a short film on their system back home. just a little time and effort, and you can make an international difference! thumbs up! what else- oh yes- some of them had made jewellery out of the keys from keyboards, tetra paks, the little plastic rings from tuborg cans or bottles (not a fan of beer so I don't know)
People do love the earth, thank God!
Didn't take pictures at the exhibition, but got one sappily beautiful pic of the sunset. For those of you who need visuals :D

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

it's valentine's day!

clouds like fountains frozen in the sky...

so it's valentine's day. what better way to celebrate than by showing you love the good Earth?
after all, she supports you unquestioningly, incessantly. and you get to walk all over her. it's definitely a relationship :P
Don't buy her chocolates or flowers. today, just take half an hour to appreciate her. tell her how beautiful she is, how she makes you feel calm and invigorated at the same time.
and thank her. she deserves that, and more. but saying it is a start.
be blessed, be loved
xoxo (lol)

Monday, February 6, 2012

road trip 1

a friend drove to bombay for another friend's wedding. i flew in. granted, that was not eco-friendly, but there were extenuating circumstances.
i drove back with him, saw parts of the country i've not had the leisure or liberty to see before.
what's that?
that, my friend, is sugarcane that we were given, free of charge, by a trailer driver. we passed through sugarcane country. this was taken at the little place we stopped at for breakfast- poha, omelet, chapatti and tea. nearby were scores of sugarcane-laden trailers.
the mud there is a gorgeous chocolate

road trip 2

Meet the monkeys. Papa (extreme right) did not like us observing him and is family. he reared and sort of flashed us. that was weird!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


not sure what that (the title) means?
obviously only the first meaning is in context.
love these flowers. they last till march, even early april, in some parts of the state. and then the laburnum blooms.

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