Tuesday, March 25, 2014

the week(s) so far

Things I've done:

  • gone for a few interviews, quite eco-friendlily (yes, I might have coined that term): I used public transport, walked, and gave a copy of my resume to just one potential boss. Oh and I took a taxi once. Ah well!
  • noticed the date trees in flower: I guess we'll have dates this Ramadan too.
  • started growing a carrot
  • cooked a lot of vegetarian food (and not just because of Lent)
  • watched a very interesting video on YouTube about living in a walkable city (my thoughts on that some other time)

  • made an egg. Yes, that's right: MADE. Not LAID. More on that later.
The weather has been fantastic, after the hailstorm and the Burj Khalifa disappearing and all that. Windy, cool, pleasant. We're luckier than my people back in Goa who are dying in the heat (their claim).

Sunday, March 9, 2014

find a job!

So after a year among regular people (that is not meant as an insult), I know what it is like to prefer convenience over my planet, and principles.

[Just to clarify, in case any of the lovely people I've befriended in this Expo-worthy city take offence: I use 'regular' to mean people who do not claim protecting the earth as one of their passions]

In the spirit of Lent, let me make a full confession: I have chosen to use plastic cups rather than wash glasses. I got family members to drop me to work rather than take public transport. I have stayed up late into the night, watching serials, or reading. I have wasted food. I have not segregated my garbage. I have not stood up for my beliefs, instead letting people take plastic bag upon plastic bag to carry food to a table ten meters away.

On the positive side, I have a chance to redeem myself. Hoorah!

So, I am about to embark on an experiment: to go job-hunting (once again), but this time without a printed CV.
from openclipart.org

Trivial? Perhaps. But if I've emailed my CV to a prospective employer already, and have it on my phone, do I really need to carry a hard copy to the interview?

Methinks not.

And that is today's shade of green,
The first for twenty fourteen.

(*Alexander Pope turns over in his grave*)

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