Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm back!

Alright, so I didn't actually go anywhere- I've just been busy for the last two weeks.
What have I been doing? Well, I attended two Meetups, was as good an intern as I knew how to be, and took two driving licence-related tests.
In other words- I've been doing a LOT of learning.
Twitter has become a friend (don't cry for me, Google; I haven't left you) and has introduced me to new friends like The Huffington Post, TIME Magazine, and UNEP.
It probably isn't very eco-friendly of me to charge my phone everyday, but I must if I want to stay connected.
You know the best part about learning? Sharing what you've learned (that's the teacher in me I suppose). So here's a wee bit...

I read (a little late) TIME's list of the 50 great inventions of 2011.
On that list were such marvels as
# the $ 4 mn hummingbird
# cloth made out of milk
# the artificial leaf- like the real thing, it turns solar energy into power, but in the form of a chemical fuel
# a cross between the incandescent bulb and its fluorescent cousin
# solar roller - solar panels that can be made part of the building

As you can see, the hashtag # has become a way of life. (I hear the sniggering.)

The awesomeness of the Internet, I tell you!

Hello to everyone from Dubai Sustainability Advocates!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sustained in Dubai

(Yes, I do realize how ridiculous I sound.)
But this is the kind of thing that makes you sit up and take notice (I was standing, but you know what I mean).
Dubai has a store that sells eco-friendly products! It's called The Change Initiative and was founded by a man named Gundeep Singh (must be Indian origin). Guess who else is on the board of directors? Robert Kennedy Jr. That's right, nephew of JFK.
The 'facility' is located in Al Barsha. 4,000 sq. metres!
I must find this place and check it out!
And when I do, I WILL write about it!
(I suppose you can tell by all the exclamation marks in here how very excited I am!)
For more information, click here

Monday, June 4, 2012

World Environment Day 2012

It's World Environment Day tomorrow!
What are you doing? I have at least one non-green activity lined up for the morning- driving class. This country has Left Hand Drive, which means I'm on the wrong side of the road. Ok, it's the correct side over here. But where I come from, it isn't!
I had to answer a theory test, before which there were classes. One topic is Eco-friendly driving habits. It's even a chapter in one of the books the RTA gives you upon registration. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. No, really.

What else? Oh, if you are in Goa, see if you can attend the Friday Balcao on the 8th of June from 4pm. to 6pm. at Goa Desc Resource Centre, Liberty Apartments, Feira Alta, Mapusa.
This time's topic: Need to promote a Green Economy for Goa.

My suggestions for tomorrow? Use public transport, especially if you have been affected by the recent petrol price hike. Plant a tree. Or grow nachne- I love cookies with nachne in them. Enjoy the smell of damp earth. Take an extra long whiff for me. Go for a walk.

Cherish the world.

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